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Should You Start a Community Garden?

An increasingly popular trend is to make a community garden. But what’s the advantage? According to a North Carolina study, community gardeners ate more fruits and vegetables, got more fresh air and exercise, lowered stress, built relationships, developed a more positive outlook, engaged young people, and their participation led to an interest in other neighborhood activities. A community garden is a plot of land that has been given dedicated use for a period of seasons or years. It can be divided into sections and rented for personal use, or truly worked by the whole community to feed the community under […]

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Fireworks The Neighbors Will Love

How do your neighbors feel about fireworks? Every Independence Day, it seems that neighbors everywhere are breaking out loud, colorful incendiaries to set off in their driveways. With easy access to DIY fireworks, having an evening of explosions at home on the Fourth of July has become an issue that some neighbors love, some hate, and some absolutely dread. Think of the exhausted new mother who has just been able to get her baby to sleep, or the war soldier with PTSD. Some people with spectrum disorder and ADHD have exceptional hearing. Fireworks noise can cause extreme discomfort. Pets become

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Hunting For Home-Grown Wild Honey

As early as the original settlers, there have been beekeepers in Georgia. Honey has long been prized, not only for its sweet flavor, but for its medicinal and cosmetic properties. By 2019, the annual output of Georgia honey was an astounding 3 million-plus pounds per year, according to This enormous amount of honey is not coming from corporate farms, but from many quiet caretakers of small bee colonies in local backyards. Honey flavors are influenced by the nectars that bees drink. The four main types of Georgia honey are lightly flavored Sourwood from trees in the north Georgia mountains,

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Avoid the Post-Holiday Blahs

Self-care was on our minds a lot this last year. We often think about it in terms of curling up with a good book or soaking in a hot bath, but the true value in self-care is more complex than a few simple activities. It’s common to feel a little down in the winter and many people experience significant mood swings. And with the events of 2020 still fresh in our minds, self-care is more important than ever.  How can you focus on yourself now that the holidays have passed?  Turn on the Lights Limited exposure to sunlight can start

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