Hunting For Home-Grown Wild Honey

As early as the original settlers, there have been beekeepers in Georgia. Honey has long been prized, not only for its sweet flavor, but for its medicinal and cosmetic properties. By 2019, the annual output of Georgia honey was an astounding 3 million-plus pounds per year, according to This enormous amount of honey is not coming from corporate farms, but from many quiet caretakers of small bee colonies in local backyards. Honey flavors are influenced by the nectars that bees drink. The four main types of Georgia honey are lightly flavored Sourwood from trees in the north Georgia mountains, […]

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Neighborhood Faves: Chamblee

Throughout the Atlanta area, dozens of amazing little cities and neighborhoods offer unique experiences for residents and visitors. Choosing the right neighborhood for you is as important as choosing the best house to fit your needs. As we take a look at the areas around Atlanta, one neighborhood at a time, we want to provide a big picture look at where you might find your next home. Today, we’re checking out the Chamblee area.  Chamblee History  In the 1940s, the Chamblee area boomed as a blue-collar community. The proximity to the General Motors plant in Doraville made it a perfect

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