Open Arms

Spring Celebrations at Home or With Your Pod

Spring is almost here, and after the year we’ve all had, we’re grateful to see it. Though the pandemic hasn’t yet released its hold, there are some safe and fun ways we can celebrate at home or with our pod. Spring is a time to celebrate renewal, warmer weather, and the outdoors. Here are a few spring celebrations you can try this year.  Plant a Garden This spring, consider doing something at home that can involve the whole family and give back to the environment. Gardening is a meditative activity that improves the look of your yard while enriching the […]

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day Between Friends

Sure, you can make a case that Valentine’s Day is the biggest Hallmark holiday of them all. We’re bombarded starting just after we turn the calendar to the New Year with pink and red messages of romantic love with a side of chocolate. But, as Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope showed us, Valentine’s Day can be a great day to celebrate our friends as well. What can you do this year to show your friends that you care on Valentine’s Day especially this year?  Use Social Media Greetings If you want to acknowledge your extended friend group, the most efficient but

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Being an Ally in 2021

There’s been a lot of talk over the last year about what it means to be an ally. it can feel overwhelming when you’re not a part of a community to learn how exactly to act, react, and assist when necessary. We learned a lot about walking in other people’s shoes in 2020, so we hope we can take away several key lessons to help people throughout Atlanta learn to be allies within diverse communities.  A Journey, Not a Destination Being an ally isn’t a final achievement. There’s always more to learn and we will continue growing throughout our lives.

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