The Ugly Truth about Flushable Wipes

For everything in your home to run smoothly every day, you need to keep all the systems in good working order. That includes everything from general cleanliness to ensuring that your electrical and plumbing are functioning properly. What if there was one habit contributing to the damage many people experience in their household plumbing? Have you been using flushable wipes? It turns out they might not be flushable at all! Here’s the truth you should know. 

Why Aren’t Flushable Wipes Flushable? 

When toilet paper gets wet, it begins to break down immediately. As it flushes through the system, it disintegrates. So-called flushable wipes do flush quite easily.  They’ll disappear from the toilet bowl without a problem, but disintegration is far from immediate. As the flushable wipe travels through the pipes, headed toward the sewer, it will encounter a 45-degree elbow in the system. If one of those wipes gets caught on the elbow, it will help catch the others as they try to flow by. The backup builds over days, not hours, so it can be hard to pinpoint the cause of the problem, but the plumber who clears the blockage will probably be able to tell you. 

Don’t Flush

While they’re called “flushable,” your plumbing system will be safer if you don’t flush them. We recommend disposing of all wipes in your trash, and the same rule can apply to period products as well. Many period products, specifically tampons, have been lauded as flushable for decades, but they can become part of a clog too. This is especially true in older homes with older pipes. 

What to Do if You Have a Clog

What happens when something is clogged? The common DIY solutions seen by plumbers include pouring a corrosive drain de-clogger down the toilet. These products may not make a difference and create more significant problems for your plumbing. If you have a clog we think it’s a great idea to call in the professionals. 

Alternatives to Flushable Wipes

If wipes aren’t flushable, what is the best solution? If you want something that’s both plumbing-friendly and environmentally responsible, investigate a bidet. Once popular only in Europe, they’ve become common in the US. There are bidet attachments for your toilet available at all price ranges. 

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