Case Study: Scott Boulevard

What happens when a family needs to move out of state while simultaneously trying to sell their Atlanta home? In one case, an older home on Scott Boulevard in Decatur needed some repairs, but the family found managing both processes at the same time daunting. They resigned themselves to selling without the upgrades, and living with obtaining a  lower price. That was until they spoke to Laura Brookshire at Maison Atlanta. 

Compass Concierge 

As part of the Compass team, Maison Atlanta has access to the Compass Concierge Service. The program allowed Laura to oversee updates on the home performed by local contractors to increase the salability of the house beyond just “as is.” 

Compass Concierge provides homeowners a way to front these repairs without interest. It can also provide staging services to improve the look of the house. Laura goes beyond just connecting the seller to the concierge service; she takes on the role of project manager to assure the work is done well and on time.  

Home Upgrades

Updates on this home included: 

  • Painting both inside and out
  • Roof repair
  • Refinishing the floors
  • Replacing windows and doors
  • Landscaping
  • Small repairs

And all of the work was completed under budget. 

Fewer Days on the Market

As a seller, it’s tempting to sell a home as-is. It means less work for you and concessions or a lower price might be the trade-off for a quicker sale. But the market is very different from that. Buyers want to see homes in a fresh new light and may pass on homes that don’t have the same appeal inside and out. 

In the case of the home on Scott, once the work was completed, the home sold in two days. Compare that to the average of 35 days for homes on the market in the area. And it sold for $440,000 which was more than the asking price. 

A Return on Investment

What did all of this cost? The homeowners believed that $400,000 was a fair asking price and were willing to accept a lower offer as a trade-off for not completing the upgrades. With Compass Concierge, they had a budget of $15,000 but they paid just over $12,000 for the work completed. Because of that, they were able to increase their asking price, and the home sold for even more. 

At closing, the sellers repaid Compass Concierge for the work without any interest or additional fees. With the higher sale price, the return on the investment was a smart choice. 

Are you concerned about the repairs you would have to make to sell your home? 

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