Achieving Great Curb Appeal: Three Essentials

Putting your home on the market means spending a lot of time getting it ready, inside and out. Maybe you give the rooms a fresh coat of paint. And you will probably declutter and remove your photos. You want to create a space where the buyer can envision themselves and their things. 

The exterior first impression is often more important than anything you do inside. That means landscaping. You want potential buyers to get excited about seeing the inside of your home before they even walk to the front door. Here are the most important things to think of your curb appeal. 

Weed and Clean

Start with a simple yard clean-up. You can do it yourself if you’re willing to get your hands dirty. Pull unsightly weeds from your flower beds, around trees, and throughout your lawn. Mow the yard to keep the grass healthy.

Mulch can help keep your yard tidy, and the cover material prevents weeds from popping up where they’re unwanted. Since you will be spending time focusing on other tasks to get your house sold, a cover of mulch will save you time in the long run.  

If you have too much to take care of before putting your home on the market, talk with a local landscaping service. 


While the general advice for the inside of your home is to keep it neutral, the same doesn’t apply to landscaping. Make your yard and flower beds look as lush and vibrant and possible. Choose flowers that are right for the season and maintain their color while your home is on the market.

Talk with an expert to learn about the most popular flowers are in your area. When you plant attractive and desirable flowers, you’ll get the attention of buyers before they even walk through your door. 

A Statement Piece

If you want to make a statement, invest in one decorative piece to create a focal point. While you don’t need to install a koi pond or a waterfall, you can choose something smaller that will stand out. For example, planting a tree such as a Japanese maple can give your yard something extra. 

A non-organic piece of yard art can also be a great statement piece, but be sure to stay understated and neutral. Statues, patio stones, or birdbaths are fine as long as they aren’t excessive.  

Do you want to know more about getting your house ready to put on the market? 

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