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Make Your Home Entrance More Welcoming

Have you ever looked at your own home’s front entrance as a stranger might? A visitor’s first impression of your home is the lasting one, and it goes beyond a manicured lawn, all the way up to your front door. Your entrance ideally reflects your personality, expressed within the context of the architectural style of your home. It should be welcoming, and the unmistakable focal point of your home’s exterior. Basic Considerations There are some basic things to consider. You want a front walkway that is welcoming and encourages visitors to come to the door. Most front doors are 36 […]

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Achieving Great Curb Appeal: Three Essentials

Putting your home on the market means spending a lot of time getting it ready, inside and out. Maybe you give the rooms a fresh coat of paint. And you will probably declutter and remove your photos. You want to create a space where the buyer can envision themselves and their things.  The exterior first impression is often more important than anything you do inside. That means landscaping. You want potential buyers to get excited about seeing the inside of your home before they even walk to the front door. Here are the most important things to think of your

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Emergency Fund

Buying a home is not inexpensive. You already know about the mortgage, down payment, insurance, and a variety of fees. But what about the ongoing cost of your home? Even if your inspection is great and your purchase goes smoothly, that doesn’t mean there won’t be unexpected costs that come up. How can you maintain an emergency fund for problems without turning to credit card debt or borrowing money from family? Here are a few options to consider that won’t create unnecessary stress.  Set a Monthly Goal for Savings The best time to save for an emergency is when there

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See Your Home Through the Eyes of a Buyer

Regardless of the reason, selling a home can be complicated. Not only do you have to deal with all the financial and practical logistics, but you may also be coping with your emotions about leaving the home behind. Our homes are intensely personal things, so the idea of letting people into your home while you’re still living there can be nerve-wracking. What can help is putting yourself in the mindset of the buyer. Here are a few tips to help when you’re getting ready to sell.  Rule #1 The first rule of selling a home is that you don’t sell your home

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Improve Your Home’s Value

Here it is: we’ve finally said Goodbye to 2020 and ushered in 2021. As we’ve adjusted to so much change over the last year, it can be good to take a step back now that the year is underway and consider the positive changes we can make for the future. Let’s look at a few things to do in 2021 that can give you an advantage.  Change Your HVAC Filter The filter on your furnace may be one of the most overlooked but important small fixes you can make. Clogged filters cause the HVAC system to become very inefficient very

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