Visit A Christmas Tree Farm!

Who knew there were so many places to get a fresh-from-the-farm Christmas tree around Atlanta? They range from a simple cut-and-carry field, to family farms all decked out for winter fun.

Most of these farms are family homesteads. Please call and make sure they are open before you go, confirm how payment is accepted, and find out if you need to bring twine, tarp or an ax. Do not bring pets unless their website says they are welcome, but do bring your own drinks and snacks in case no concessions are available. 

The first place to learn about these farms might be Pick Your Own Christmas Tree to get a list of places to visit. Choose your area of the city and check website links to learn more about those closest to you.

Also, the Georgia Christmas Tree Farm Association is a group of family-owned farms maintaining good practices such as providing adequate parking and something for the kids to do. Their Farm Finder lists 13 such family farms in outer metro Atlanta.

Back in February, the staff of, a gardening and landscaping group, published their top picks for Christmas tree farms in Georgia, based on their reputation and honest practices. These farms will be open for the 2022 season:

Yule Forest in Stockbridge promotes “A wonderful holiday atmosphere” with Santa, farm animal friends, a hayride, an old country store and free hot apple cider.

Sugarland Tree Farm, also in Stockbridge, is turned into a Christmas wonderland for children. Cut or pick a pre-cut tree. Their Sugarhaus has handcrafted gifts and decorations, plus hot refreshments and a decorated landscape.

Southern Belle Farm  is a huge 330-acre farm in McDonough, promoting a real ‘farmstead Christmas,’ with homemade cakes, an animal barn, Santa, and lots of weekend activities.

Minter’s Farm in Inman, near Fayetteville, has been in business for 30 years. They have 2,000 trees and a hayride to the fields on weekends. The mechanically inclined may enjoy all the old vehicles and farm machinery on the property that they refer to as the Rusty Relics museum.

Homestead Christmas Tree Farm in Hampton opens November 24th. They sell 10 kinds of naturally grown trees. Cut your own, or let them do it for you, but either way, they use a mechanical shaker to shake little critters out, and then they give it a final visual inspection to make sure.

Berry’s Tree Farm in Covington has been in operation since 1894, and has 5,000 trees to choose from, with assistants to help, plus a festive little gift shop and petting barn. The emphasis here is on the trees.

Yuletide Christmas Tree Farm, also in Covington, is serious about the reason for the season, Making your visit a special family outing with Christmas lights and lighted trails, holiday music, a marshmallow roasting pit, handmade gifts, and a little petting zoo, plus three types of trees, which are in limited supply this year. They suggest you shop early for your tree.

Bottoms Tree Farm in Cumming has farm animals, walking trails, a lake and hayrides to give you a delightful North Georgia farm experience. Cut your own tree or buy a cut Fraser fir from North Carolina.

The Kinsey Family Farm in Gainesville has cut-your-own trees, plus those that are already cut but kept in water, root-balled live trees, and little tabletop trees, all in a festive atmosphere with holiday music, hot chocolate, and a wagon ride out to the fields.

A lot of farms have closed this season, due to summer heat, drought and expenses. So expect prices to be much higher this year, especially for Fraser firs, which are often trucked in from North Carolina. 

It takes five to eight years to grow a Christmas tree. Another option to consider is to enjoy the tree farm experience and then purchase some freshly made wreaths to bring that beautiful scent of the trees indoors, or choose a rooted tree and give it a new permanent home in your yard, where you can decorate it every year.