Case Study: Lucerne Street

Just minutes from the Decatur Square, Emory, and the CDC is this brand-new home in the Great Lakes neighborhood of Decatur. This home is the perfect example of what a builder can do for a family. Built by Sullivan Homes, the builder and buyer were able to work together to ensure the home was just right from day one. Here’s how Maison Atlanta, Sullivan Homes, and the buyers made this dream come true. 

Working with a Home Builder

In the case of this home on Lucerne, the buyers became involved in the process very early on, so that the builders were able to work with them to customize the build. When the family made their offer on the unfinished home, the builders could get their input, resulting in a partially custom home with specific needs addressed. This led to a much more engaging process and the specific changes were less expensive than if they had been retrofitted after the build was complete. 

Custom Home Ideas

The home would have still been amazing, but it wouldn’t have been personalized. In this case, some of the significant changes made all the difference for the family. 

For example, the family wanted a refrigerator upgrade and the builder was able to provide it with very little out-of-pocket expense because the builder had a long-term relationship with the vendor. They were also able to reconfigure the basement living space to suit the family before the build was finished. And the front steps on the building were low enough according to code so it did not require a handrail for safety. However, the builder understood the family’s grandmother would be coming and going regularly, so they added a handrail to make things easier and safer for her. 

Creating a Connection 

At Maison Atlanta, we know that all of this is only possible when you create strong connections. When the family approached our team, they were able to become involved so early in the process that these major decisions for the home. Laura and Savannah from our office worked hard to ensure the needs of the homebuyer and the builder were met throughout the experience. 

The Value of a Relationship

If we take a look at the numbers, we can see the family was able to keep the purchase price close to the listing price. The cost of their custom features may have set them back significantly more if they had come into the process at a much later date. The home was only on the market for 28 days, significantly less than the average of 52 days. And the custom features weren’t the only selling point. The new construction from Sullivan Homes is a certified Earthcraft House. Other features included a gourmet kitchen and a suspended open staircase. 

Do you think buying a new construction home is right for your family? 

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