Flowers That Attract Songbirds

If you love the sounds of songbirds, there are particular plants and flowers that will have them flocking to your backyard on a regular basis.

Fernbank Science Center recommends planting lush evergreen ground covers of ajuga, periwinkle and pachysandra to provide low protection for thrashers, wrens, towhees, thrushes and sparrows to hide from danger and the elements. They will often store food underneath the foliage.

Vine plants such as honeysuckle, trumpet vine and wild grapes attract warblers, mockingbirds, vireos, catbirds and hummingbirds. Some of these birds even prefer to nest in these tangles of vines. Include raspberry, blackberry and blueberry shrubs to provide immediate food throughout the seasons. Cardinals are attracted to dark berries. These will also attract tanagers and orioles. 

Don’t forget to plant some small fruited shrubs such as pyracantha, wax myrtle, and elderberry to nestle in, especially through the winter. If you have room in your yard, plant fruit trees or flowering trees. These may take a few years to get started, but everyone will enjoy their beauty and abundance later. 

When it comes to flowers, any that produce seeds should be the first choice. Suggestions include columbine, Solomon’s seal, sunflower, black eyed Susan, cosmos, zinnia and coreopsis. 

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources lists bachelor’s buttons, thistle, chicory, petunia, four o’clocks, cockscomb and verbena as additional flowers that attract birds. Four o’clocks include seeds that not only songbirds, but quail, enjoy. 

The comfortable weather in Atlanta is perfect for building a remarkable year-round haven of beauty and food for songbirds to enjoy. The best time to start designing your garden and planting is now.