Easy Ways to Make Your Pantry or Hall Closet More Organized

Almost everyone has experienced the out-of-control pantry or hall closet. They tend to be catch-all spaces where anything goes. But there are many great reasons to make an effort to organize your pantry or closet to keep it functional. You can keep up with expiration dates, stop overbuying, and know what you have on hand at a glance. Here are a few tips you can use to keep these spaces more organized. 

Use Storage Bins

In your pantry, storage bins can help you keep food organized and accessible. Even if it comes in colorful packaging, bags and boxes will only add to clutter. Store items like rice or cereal in clear bins to see what and how much you have. You can even store individually packaged items, such as granola bars, in a dedicated container. Clear containers in your closet can keep mittens, scarves, or towels tidy. 

Label Everything

Always label your storage bins. Some foods look the same, like salt and sugar, so you want to see the difference at a glance. In your closet, label shoe boxes, storage boxes, and more, so you never have to dig through multiple things to find what you need. You can invest in a label maker, print labels on your computer, hand write them, or buy pre-printed labels at any organization store or online.  

Use Door Space

The space behind your pantry or closet door usually goes unused but can be extremely helpful for organizing. You can install a rack for spices. Use a shoe organizer to keep non-refrigerated fruit and vegetables fresh and organized. Of course, you can also use a shoe organizer on the inside of your closet door for its intended purpose. Or install hooks for jackets, brooms, or bags.  

Spin it Around

Lazy Susan can maximize the use of space in your pantry. Small items can get easily lost in the back, so using a spinning storage unit can give you easy access to everything you need. It’s a simple trick that can make a world of difference, so you never lose food or rebuy things you already have.

Do you want to know more tips for organizing your new home? 

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