Avoiding Frozen Pipes This Winter

Here in Georgia, we think we’re isolated from some of the biggest inconveniences of winter. But anyone who’s been in Atlanta during some of the major snow and ice storms in the last ten years knows we can’t always take the weather in the south for granted. Even when a big snowstorm isn’t on the horizon, freezing temperatures can create big problems for homeowners. What should you do to avoid frozen pipes this winter? Here are some of the myths and the truth. 

My Pipes Won’t Freeze Unless Temperatures are Below Zero

It doesn’t have to be days of below zero temperatures for pipes to freeze. Just one night of 20-degree temperatures can cause pipes to freeze if other factors are also at play. The pipes near the center of your home are more protected and insulated than the pipes coming into your house. 

Expanding Ice Is What Causes My Pipes to Burst

Expanding ice isn’t exactly what causes your pipes to burst. While that is a contributing factor, the pressure will also build up and that can cause the pipes to burst. That means, as the water is freezing in the pipes, more water is trying to fill up the available space and when it can’t push past the block, the pressure can cause damage. 

I Can Leave My Faucet Dripping to Avoid My Pipes Freezing

While this is true, there are some rules to follow to ensure that a single dripping faucet in your home will keep the pipes from freezing. Extreme temperatures can still cause a pipe to freeze even when water is flowing, but it can help relieve the pressure as things start to thaw. If you leave a faucet dripping, make sure it’s the one the farthest from the water source to ensure water is flowing through the entire system. 

I Can Insulate My Pipes to Protect Them from Freezing

Indeed, extra insulation on pipes that are more vulnerable to freezing temperatures can help. Adding insulative sleeves on the pipes in your basement could protect them from freezing. However, insulation doesn’t mean heat so if your pipes are still exposed to prolonged freezing temps, there could still be a problem.

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