10 things a seller should put in storage

Sometimes there are things that prospective home buyers shouldn’t see because they are too personal, too controversial, too valuable or take up too much room.

We recommend that sellers should start removing and storing some things the moment they decide to put the house on the market, so these items won’t show up in listing photos as something that potential buyers could believe comes with the house, or be a distraction to them.

Things you should remove or store before photos and showings start:

  1. If a room has a lot of furniture, put most in storage so the room will look bigger.
  2. The moose head. If there is any taxidermy, it could upset people who love animals.
  3. Religious, political or sports related items. Someone may take a dislike to the house because it’s the ‘wrong’ team.
  4. Family photos, urns and memorabilia. The absence of personal mementos makes it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living there. 
  5. Boats, RVs and broken-down vehicles. Removing these will make the yard look cleaner, larger, and give viewers more room to park.
  6. The chandelier, ceiling fan or any other fixtures you plan to take with you, so buyers won’t expect it as part of the purchase. This includes small items such as cabinetry fixtures, or outdoor features, which are often forgotten as owners prepare the house to show. If major appliances will not be included and can be stored without major inconvenience, get them out of the way, too.
  7. Firearms (even inside a nightstand), swords, or other weapons. Make sure these are all locked up in a safe. 
  8. Valuables should be put in a safe.  
  9. Antique furniture or artifacts that could get damaged.
  10. Garage clutter. It’s got to go for four reasons: curb appeal, more space, to be able to see the condition of the walls and floor, and often because the electrical panel is located there. It needs to be free of clutter so an inspector can check it. 

So what about something like a barber chair? That one is debatable. For a buyer who is viewing many houses at once, something as unique as a barber chair in the house would be a memorable standout. For something like this, please ask your agent for recommendations.